Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Look At Blu-ray Disc

I needed further testing of the Aussiemorphic Lens MK II, and what better way than to see how it resolves a HD format like Blu-ray Disc. In this case it was easier to simply invert the lens and sit it on the shelf in front of the projector, and after giving the projector a quick refocus, away we went.

The Aussiemorphic Lens MK II
A big thanks goes out to Matt at DVD STATION for the use of his awesome Home Theatre including the SHARP Z10 000 DLP 720 projector [pictured behind the Aussiemorphic Lens MK II].

The following screen shots are from the latest James bond film - CASINO ROYALE on Blu-ray Disc.
Some CA [colour fringing] is visible, but I am hoping that the image quality meets the expectations of those looking for an anamorphic product at this price point. The Aussimeorphic Lens MK II is still only a 2 prisms lens, but now features BK7 prisms with an optic [anti-reflective] coating.


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