Monday, September 11, 2006

CAVX Speakers

I have been building speakers on and off since 1988. In 1995, I decided to get serious and learn to how apply the complex equations to the TS parameters of different loud speaker drivers. In 2001, I created what I call the CAVX SPEAKERS. CAVX stands for Cinematic Audio Visual eXperience. The speakers are purpose built for the high demands of multi channel sound. There are only three types of speaker that I build - LCR [Left/Centre/Right], SUR [Surrounds] and SUB [Sub-woofers].

This is the 4th set of CAVX Speakers and the 1st to use the VIFA super tweeter [with band out to 40K] which I wanted for DVD-A and SACD. The drivers used in this system are the VIFA P17 woofer [6.5" mag shielded x 14], the VIFA XT Super Tweeter [shielded "ring radiator" x 17] and the PEERLESS XLS woofers [12" Active/Passive combos x 2].

The LCR is a sealed 2 way design using 2 woofers and 3 tweeters. The drivers are arranged in "twin vertical arrays" to allow 2 things -
1. Compact design @ just 400mm high.
2. Controlled Vertical Directivity.

LCR Crossover Schematic
The KEY point to the design is the spacing of the tweeters which are equal to one wave length of the crossover [centre of top tweeter to centre of bottom tweeter] frequency of 1550Hz.

The SUR is designed to match [tonally] to the response of the LCR to ensure better panning of sound from the front stage to the surrounds. The same drivers [only 2 tweeters] and modified crossover are used in the same volume sealed enclosure.
SUR Crossover Schematic
In an earlier design, the speaker was DIPOLAR, but after extensive listing tests to both film sound and multi-channel music, I elected to create a BIPOLAR speaker. It still provides an enveloping sound field as most of the sound you hear is reflected off the walls and or ceiling but is more directional for multi channel music, so in my opinion, provides the best compromise for both types of program.

The SUBs are a sealed pair each comprising 1 active 1 one passive driver unit. The plate amp is built into one of the sub enclosures and the "slave" connects via a gold plated set of binding posts. Whist the LCR and SUR are the same size, the SUB is 400mm high x 660mm wide [twice that of a LCR or SUR]...

Impedance Compensation Network for Sub-woofer

UPDATE: I have now added some weight to the PRs. It has not extended their frequency response down to the 17Hz that was claimed by SSS, but the addition of mass to the PR has damped the system enough to allow the system to run at even higher SPLs...

My new line of ACTIVE speakers will be available soon.



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